#GYEONeffect – Prepare your car for the season
Spring is coming
be prepared
4 the season!


gyeon effect

Road salt, grime & snow 
were a constant challenge over the past few months. 


GYEON has prepared a guide on how to give your car a new lease of life, in just
simple steps!


Changing tires? Give your wheels a deep clean. 

After a long winter, your wheels need a deep clean. Remove brake dust and other residues easily and effectively. 

simple steps
Q²M Iron WheelCleaner

Find out how to clean your wheels


Remove bonded contaminants quickly and safely.

You would be surprised how many particles stick to the paint and are hard to remove with just a regular shampoo. Our decontamination duo removes them effectively. 

simple steps
Q²M Iron & Tar

Find out how to give your car a deep cleanse


A wash like no other! The most important wash of the year.

Remove heavy deposits of road salt and grime easily and safely, without resorting to harsh chemicals or risky methods.

simple steps
Q²M Bathe

Find out how to wash your car safely


Make it shine again!

Add gloss and protection in one simple step! A layer of wax makes your car look amazing and protects the paint against the elements.

simple steps
Q² Wax

Find out how make waxing a joy


Prepare for April showers.

Improve visibility in all conditions. Applying a rain repellent coating makes driving much easier and safer in wet conditions.

simple steps
Q² QuickView

Find out how to improve visibility in any conditions

SPRING on your driveway

maintenance is key

Are you done with all 5 steps? Congratulations! 
Now take a look at your car and admire the results. 

That’s the 


Make your car look great for longer

maintenance  is key

Learn more about cleaning and maintaining your car with Yves Heylen, GYEON’s brand ambassador. Yves is incredibly passionate about car care and loves to share his expertise with like-minded enthusiasts.